Wonders of Dance Program 6-8 yrs

Wonders of Dance

Watch your child flourish while we take them on a magical journey into the Wonders of dance.

Our ‘Wonders of Dance’ program has been specifically designed to cater to our 6-8yrs age group, from new beginners to dancers coming through our ’READY SET DANCE’ program.

In this program we encourage your child’s creativity and love across all styles of dance, as we offer an introduction into the captivating world of Jazz, Tap and Classical Ballet. These styles have been crafted and designed to beautifully compliment each other across the 3 class-a-week program, while helping your child build the foundations to develop new skills, techniques, teamwork and discipline in a friendly environment as we aim to create more equiped ‘all rounded’ dancers.

We have found this program to be highly beneficial to students who wish to discover their true passion in dance as they experience what each different style has to offer! From the funkiness of Jazz, to the rhythm and musicality learned in tap, and the grace / poise through classical ballet; there is a whole wonder of dance waiting for your child to discover.