Dedicated Dancers

Dedicated Dancers

“Dance is a passion, an addiction, a sometime obsession, a lifestyle, a discipline, an art.”

As the name suggests this is the program for students who hold a deep passion, respect and discipline for the art form of dance and motion.

To be eligible to be recognised as a ‘Dedicated Dancers’, students must take part and commit to 2 classes of Jazz, Tap and Classical Ballet per week, as well as additional classes in our Hip Hop and Acrobatics lessons.

Like all things in life, hard work and dedication to an art form cannot be built in an hour a week, the same way Rome wasn’t built in a day! These class programs synced together are designed to mold students into disciplined dancers who will be able to continue their hard work and master steps, combinations, and technique much easier and comprehensively.

Our Dedicated Dancers essentially embody one of our core beliefs here at Jamie’s Academy of Dance; When students are truly passionate about something, it helps instil a purpose, a central motivation which will ultimately guide life decisions, influence behaviour, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning. When these are created, they build character traits carried with them for life, keeping them on a clear directive path to success.


Healthy Learning Environment

Our studio is essentially a home away from home, where our students become family, as we aim to build a safe space where students can feel comfortable to grow and share their passion for dance with likeminded students who share common goals, without judgement. From beginners to experienced dancers, our students all understand that a love of dance starts with that first twirl and continues with the support and encouragement from our friends!



Dedicated Dancer Package

$ *370
  • Unlimited Classes (excluding private lessons)
  • Concert fees
  • Costume hire
  • Rehearsal fees
  • Photo day
  • Concert performance DVD


  • Entry to studio events
  • Photo Shoot on location
  • Dedicated Dancer badge
  • Discount on Dedicated Dancer Merchandise

The pricing is determined by a 12-month enrolment period, and fees will be prorated according to the start date.