Adult Pole Dancing and Fitness

About our Adult Pole Dancing Classes

Have you ever wanted to give it a go but were a little shy? Pole dancing is one of the most exciting and addictive classes around! It is a great workout which helps tone your arms, thighs, buttocks and stomach.

Pole dancing gives you great core strength and is a fantastic way to exercise. It is suitable for teenagers and adults. You do not need any fitness or dance history to start a pole class as everyone will start off as a beginner. Ladies of all ages, body shapes and fitness levels are welcome.

Our studio is fully equipped with mood lighting which is great for those of you a little less confident. Classes will be great fun and just remember, every one starts as a beginner!

What to Wear

You will need sneakers and gym attire. As pole dancing relies on grip, bare arms and legs are best. Shorts/hot pants or sports briefs and a singlet top would be perfect. If you wear leggings or tracksuit pants you will have less grip and therefore your arms will be working twice as hard.  However, we want you to be comfortable, so please wear something you are comfortable in!

Bring a pair of sneakers to warm up in. High heels/Boots will be recommended for certain classes.

You should bring a bottle of water as you will be working up a thirst.

All rings, watches, bangles and dangly earrings must be removed to avoid damage to the poles and to  yourselves.

Nervous: Don’t be!

All ages, body shapes and levels of fitness are welcome. Classes are held in a private, fun and unpretentious environment.


If you have any concerns about existing injuries or medical conditions that may affect your ability to pole dance safely, we recommend you visit your GP for advice before enrolling in a class.


There are no refunds or credits for missed classes. If there is another class of equal level you can do a make up class, providing there is enough space in that class.

Minimum Numbers:

We require a minimum number of students for courses to proceed. If minimum numbers have not been reached, course dates and class times are subject to change without notice.


Due to high demand and a limited number of students per class, a $50 non refundable deposit is required to secure a place.

Final payment is required one week prior to start date or at the beginning of your first class.

If a booking is made inside the week prior to the start date then full term payment is required to secure a place.

Cancellation Policy:

  • All deposits are non refundable
  • No refunds will be given on balance and/or full payments
  • If you are unable to commence with your course then 7 days notice is required prior to the commencement date. Funds paid may then be used towards another course or dance class.

*No refund or credit will be given if you cancel within 7 days

History of Pole Dancing

It is probable pole dancing started in America in the 1920’s depression with dancers in travelling circus shows using a tent pole as a prop. Cirque du Solei have used Chinese pole acts. As with Mallakhamb and Pole dance, Chinese pole also uses the friction between the skin and equipment.

More recently, pole dancing has again evolved from something performed in a strip-related environment to an art form in itself, performed in various environments from more mainstream theatre to cabaret to corporate conventions.  Competitions are now run on both national and international levels, showcasing pole dancing  on its own without nudity.

Pole dancing is a combination of dancing and gymnastics. Advanced pole dancing requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance. Pole dancing is now regarded as a recognised form of exercise and can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. As dancers become more advanced they perform more athletic moves such as climbs, spins and body inversions. Upper body and core strength will develop as dancers progress through classes.

Marijke Franken

Marijke fell in love with dance at the age of five.  She has trained extensively in various styles including classical, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, tap, ballroom, character, cheerleading and Zumba®.  Marijke now enjoys passing on her passion others through teaching dance classes and choreographing (The Sentimental Bloke; Babirra, Hello Dolly!; ARC).  During the day, Marijke works in arts administration at a prominent Australian dance institution. Marijke performed as a featured classical dancer in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games.  More recently she has extended her dance experience into the music theatre realm, with productions of Kismet (Princess Zubbediya), Grease (ChaCha), Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat, Sweet Charity and Calamity Jane.  Since 2011, Marijke has been a dancer with Melbourne Opera’s productions of The Merry Widow, Faust, Carmen and The Pearlfishes.