Jazz (Teenager)

About our Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz classes start with a cardio warm up, strengthening exercises and stretching. Students learn progression steps across the room including combinations, jumps and turns.

Jazz is upbeat and mostly includes top 40 music as well as older broadway styles.


JAOD teach the Southern Federation of Dance Syllabus. All level classical, jazz and Tap classes work towards getting our students ready for their exams. The School highly recommends parents enter their child in exams; however, they are not compulsory. The exams are a way of recognising the progress of students annually and should give each student a sense of achievement and pride. Following the exams each student will receive a written report, certificate and medal at a small presentation.

In enrolling your child in an exam, you are making a commitment and it is important that parents support their children in working towards their exam. The School is also focused on enabling students to achieve their personal best and thus all students enrolled in an exam will be required to attend a compulsory ‘Weekend Intensive’ and an ‘Exam Practice Session’ just prior to the examination dates. Both of these are key training opportunities that are designed to ensure every student enters their exam confidently and well prepared. The practice exams are held during the last week of term 2 and the Intensive weekend is the last weekend of the June/July school holidays. Exams are generally held the first week of Term 3.

Performance Opportunities

Students are given the chance to perform at local school fetes and the Maroondah Festival.

Any chance to be on stage is a wonderful experience for our students.

It helps to settle nerves before our end of year concert and it helps build confidence.

Choreography Competition

Students from level 1 and above are invited to be apart of our annual choreography competition/display.

Students are given the chance to make up their own routine and perform it in front of parents, friends and fellow students in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Our annual scholarship classes are held in term 3. Students from Level 1 are invited to participate in these classes. We invite an adjudicator to observe these classes taught by our teachers.

A winner and runner up are chosen based on many different factors including: attention to detail and corrections, performance, technique and potential. In other words, someone that has that extra flare and stands out on the day.