Frequently Asked Questions

We understand parents and carers can have a lot of questions regarding their child’s activities and we hope to answer most below. However, if there’s more information you require or more questions you need answered, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I trial a free class?

We do not offer free trials but you most certainly can join in for an introductory class, providing we have space in our classes. Children’s classes are $15 and Pole Fitness classes are $25.

What if I’ve never taken a class before?

No Problems!! That is what we are here for. Our teachers will guide you through your first class. You will notice a difference over your first few lessons on how quickly you start to understand the lingo, technique and also how quickly you start to pick it all up.

Where are you?

We are located at the H.E Parker Reserve, Heathmont Road Heathmont. Once you enter the reserve we are in the big building on your right hand side – look out for our signs.

Do I have to book in each term?

No, enrollment at Jamie’s Academy of Dance is for the entire year. Once you book into a class the spot until December.

What happens if I miss a class?

We ask that you please advise us if you are missing a class. If available you may attend a make up lesson in the same style of class. Please speak to your teacher for the suitable class.

What is the Dedicated Dancer Program?

Our Dedicated Dancer Program is a special package for students who attend multiple classes. Payment for this package entitles your dancer to attend unlimited classes (excluding private lessons) There are many added benefits to this package including free entry to our in house studio parties, a gift from us and a Wine & Cheese night for the parents.

What if I miss a payment?

Ezidebit will attempt to withdraw from your account again. There is a failed payment fee of $11.90

Can I pay for 6 months at a time?

For simplicity, your fees can be direct debited monthly or paid annually. If you pay annually you will receive a 7% discount.

Why do I pay during the holidays?

Our fees are based on 37 weeks of classes but divided into 12 monthly payments for your convenience.

Do you offer family discounts?

We do not offer family discounts however we do offer some very special bonuses for families with more than one child enrolled in our programs.

What fees will it involve with the direct debit and do I pay these?

Any transaction fees involved with Ezidebit monthly direct debits from your cheque or savings account will be absorbed by us. Fees that apply through insufficient funds will be your responsibility.

When can I add or remove a class?

You can add a class at any time. To be removed from a class we need 30 days notice.

Can I pay cash each week or monthly?

Your fees can be direct debited monthly or annually. Cash payments will not be accepted.

Am I committed for the full year or term only?

To get the very best from your dance experience you are committed to a full year.

What is your refund policy?

Strictly no refunds.

What if I don’t want to use my credit card?

We can debit from a cheque or savings account

Can you give me a break down of all the costs?

Your all inclusive fees cover:

  • Dance Tuition
  • GST
  • Enrolment Fee
  • Costume Hire
  • Rehearsal Fees
  • Photo Sitting Fee
  • Concert DVD
  • Souvenir Program

Bonus Inclusions:

  • Smaller classes for personalised tuition
  • Dedicated and experienced teachers
  • Opportunities to extend your dance through competitions and exams
  • Free access to studio workshops
  • Free entry to studio events
  • Enrolment gift
  • Christmas party
  • National Photography voucher
  • Studio Achievement badges
  • Momento concert program

Not included in your tuition package are: examination, masterclass and competition fees (although these can be included for an additional charge) private lessons and the purchase of concert tickets.

What is your cancellation policy?

30 Day Cancellation policy. Written Cancellations will be accepted and must give 30 days notice. Final payment will be debited in this time.

We love what we do.

Jamie’s Academy of Dance provides a home away from home. A comfortable and safe learning environment for all our students.

Our passionate, knowledgeable and nurturing team of teachers will guide each child so that they can reach their full potential. We are passionate about giving our students an inspiring, caring, safe environment so they feel a sense of purpose in their home away from home.

Students will build special friendships within our family. Our studio is a place where they can escape from the daily pressure of school to an environment that is supportive and encouraging. Hearing the music and focusing on poise, rhythm, technique and mastering steps allows our students to loose themselves in the moment.